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Higher home prices mean more commission amounts paid when selling a home. However, increased property value and bigger equity in property provides that cushion to absorb bigger amounts paid as commission fees to your real estate agent. However, today’s sellers have got a variety of choices when it comes to listing and selling a home Read more about Low commission Realtor in Mississauga[…]

Low Commission Agent (Agents) in Milton

Hey homeowners in Milton, If you are making a move this year and looking for an agent who provides excellent service at low commission rates, then you are at the right place. Let’s discuss your plans over the phone or in person and let me show you how I list and market your home and Read more about Low Commission Agent (Agents) in Milton[…]

How to fall into a 5 or 6% commission trap

Realtor walks in equipped with scripts that he/she always uses during a listing appointment. When listing a home, commissions and fees are big on every seller’s mind. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who thinks about commission rates. The agent who you are about to interview is also thinking about how much commission he can Read more about How to fall into a 5 or 6% commission trap[…]

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The secret to paying low commission when selling real estate

Toronto real estate market is one of the hottest in North America. When we speak of Toronto it includes The Greater Toronto Area encompassing Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, and Milton. For any homeowner when it is time to sell, the amount of stress and worries just keep piling up. A major concern, typically, is the Read more about The secret to paying low commission when selling real estate[…]

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Ideal Listing Price When Selling

Listing price can not be decided on in advance. Home market prices are fluid and can change daily. Selling a home is a big commitment. It takes a toll on you as an owner who is planning on selling their home. Dealing with the process of choosing a Realtor to work with, determining a listing price, Read more about Ideal Listing Price When Selling[…]

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Real Estate Commission Rates Analyzed

The GTA has been the most active real estate market in Canada in recent years. Naturally hot market has drawn many to become real estate agents. Some work full time while others sell real estate in their spare time or after hours. Listed below are characteristics a good realtor would possess: Knowledgeable Experienced Internet savvy Available Resourceful Read more about Real Estate Commission Rates Analyzed[…]